The Return of Poly Styrene by Andrew Perry, an interview featured on EMusic.
Read the full interview here
The Quietus give Generation Indigo a shining review “Generation Indigo is a fantastic return for Poly,…both musically and lyrically on this triumphant album” .
The Quietus
Poly Styrene talks to Flux Magazine about Generation Indigo and Gender Equality .
Flux Magazine
“An atom-sharp array of digital dance rock, reggae, and ye olde buzz-saw guitar and sax” SPIN Magazine .
SPIN Magazine
“Poly Styrene shines brighter than ever with Generation Indigo” The Telegraph .
The Telegraph
“Generation Indigo is a hugely enjoyable electro-pop album” The Independent .
The Independent
“A pop dance album par excellence bristling with positivity, tunes and ideas” – BBC Music Review .
BBC Music Review
A very moving and inspiring piece on Poly Styrene in The Guardian today – “Its been a rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing.” An interview with Dave Simpson .
The Guardian
Poly Styrene’s most in depth interview as yet with The Quietus, discusses her spirituality, fighting against being a sex symbol and why she’s glad she’s not writing the album now.
The Quietus
Holly Cara Price talks in depth about Poly Styrene and discusses the album Generation Indigo in The Huffington Post
The Huffington Post
The Art Desk name Generation Indigo their Disc Of The Day along with a great review.
The Arts Desk
Poly Styrene and daughter Celeste talk candidly to Caroline Scott about their past and life today in this Sunday Times ‘relative values’ feature.
Sunday Times Relative Values review Poly Styrene’s first single Virtual Boyfriend and say they love it
Spinner: ‘Poly Styrene takes aim at technology’s failings in Virtual Boyfriend video’
NME announces Poly styrene’s upcoming album ‘Generation Indigo’
Poly Styrene is welcomed back by MOJO in the January feature
The X Ray Spex siren returns! UNCUT’s Ben Marshall speaks to Poly Styrene
The Guardian applauds the return of the original riot grrrl Poly Styrene
The Guardian
Poly Styrene talks to Yo! ladies about being an inspiration to a generation of women
Yo Ladies
RCRD LBL premiers Poly Styrene’s alternative christmas song ‘Black Christmas’