Tribute to Poly Styrene, Channel 4 News UK April 26th.

Channel 4 News

“She Would Take Simple things and Make Them Profound.”


“Poly Styrene – The Original Riot Grrl.”


“She Turned The World Day-Glo: A Poly Styrene Obituary”

The Quietus

“X-Ray Spex Frontwomen 1957- 2011.”

UNCUT Magazine

“Poly Styrene – an optimist to the last.”

The Guardian

“Lead Singer of X-Ray Spex, whos unconventional style made her an inspirational figure to generation of female pop singers.”

The Times

“Singer with X-Ray Spex, a ‘musical mess of rebellion, fashion and fun’.”

Daily Telegraph

“Punk may be dead, but its sprit lives on.”


“Punk Icon Poly Dies Aged 53.”

Daily Record

“Punk Princess Passes On.”

Record Collector

“Before people like Poly you had to be middle-class and play guitar like a classical musician.”


“With Crimplene clothes, day-glo accessories and dental brace, she was an antidote to pouting popstrels.”

Word Magazine

“She was a flash of freedom, a trigger for the imagination, a harbinger of much in music and life that was later to come.”


“Poly Styrene Remembered by Kathleen Hanna, Billy Bragg and Beastie Boys.”

AOL Spinner

“Poly Styrene, the braces-wearing singer who belted out “Oh bondage, up yours!” with the band X-Ray Spex, has died at the age of 53.”


“Poly Styrene, the pioneering, braces-wearing frontwoman…made a place for feminine brashness in punk. … she served as inspiration for other female musicians, prefiguring movements like riot grrrl.”

New York Times

“Her final album, the hard rocking Generation Indigo, was released last month.”

Rolling Stone

“Generation Indigo now serves as a testament to an artist who insisted on being allowed to grow. The choice to project innocence and joy in its whimsically radical reggae and trance tracks could only have come from the brilliant misfit who helped free a global tribe from bondage in the 1970s.”

Village Voice

“X-ray Spex Singer Poly Styrene dies”

Washington Times

“R.I.P. Poly Styrene. X-Ray Spex frontwoman dies at age 53.”


“Punk Icon Poly styrene Passes Away.”

RTE Ireland



The Return of Poly Styrene by Andrew Perry, an interview featured on EMusic.
Read the full interview here
The Quietus give Generation Indigo a shining review “Generation Indigo is a fantastic return for Poly,…both musically and lyrically on this triumphant album” .
The Quietus
Poly Styrene talks to Flux Magazine about Generation Indigo and Gender Equality .
Flux Magazine
“An atom-sharp array of digital dance rock, reggae, and ye olde buzz-saw guitar and sax” SPIN Magazine .
SPIN Magazine
“Poly Styrene shines brighter than ever with Generation Indigo” The Telegraph .
The Telegraph
“Generation Indigo is a hugely enjoyable electro-pop album” The Independent .
The Independent
“A pop dance album par excellence bristling with positivity, tunes and ideas” – BBC Music Review .
BBC Music Review
A very moving and inspiring piece on Poly Styrene in The Guardian today – “Its been a rollercoaster ride, but I wouldn’t change a thing.” An interview with Dave Simpson .
The Guardian
Poly Styrene’s most in depth interview as yet with The Quietus, discusses her spirituality, fighting against being a sex symbol and why she’s glad she’s not writing the album now.
The Quietus
Holly Cara Price talks in depth about Poly Styrene and discusses the album Generation Indigo in The Huffington Post
The Huffington Post
The Art Desk name Generation Indigo their Disc Of The Day along with a great review.
The Arts Desk
Poly Styrene and daughter Celeste talk candidly to Caroline Scott about their past and life today in this Sunday Times ‘relative values’ feature.
Sunday Times Relative Values review Poly Styrene’s first single Virtual Boyfriend and say they love it
Spinner: ‘Poly Styrene takes aim at technology’s failings in Virtual Boyfriend video’
NME announces Poly styrene’s upcoming album ‘Generation Indigo’
Poly Styrene is welcomed back by MOJO in the January feature
The X Ray Spex siren returns! UNCUT’s Ben Marshall speaks to Poly Styrene
The Guardian applauds the return of the original riot grrrl Poly Styrene
The Guardian
Poly Styrene talks to Yo! ladies about being an inspiration to a generation of women
Yo Ladies
RCRD LBL premiers Poly Styrene’s alternative christmas song ‘Black Christmas’



Generation Indigo track by track

Rock journalist John Robb recently interviewed Poly Styrene about her current album. This footage and track by track from Poly Styrene is available to watch here:




In recent months a number of Poly Styrene photos were discovered, some of which have never been seen before.
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White Gold
Code Pink Dub
Colour Blind
Thrash City
No Rockefeller
Electric Blue Monsoon

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A1. I Luv Ur Sneakers
A2. Virtual Boyfriend
A3. Generation Indigo
A4. Kitsch
A5. White Gold
A6. L.U.V.
B1. Ghoulish
B2. Code Pink Dub
B3. Colour Blind
B4. Thrash City
B5. No Rockefeller
B6. Electric Blue Monsoon